Robert G. Cole High School


Welcome to my Website! My name is Lauren Boswell and I'm the teacher that gets to enlighten you about Math.  A little bit about me is I'm ex-military.  I was Air Force for 5 years.  I loved it!  I graduated from UTSA in 2008 with Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.  I've been teaching for 9 years.  I have a son that is in 8th grade, who is energetic, loves sports, and thinks outside the box.  I've taught an array of classes from Algebra, Geometry, PAP Geometry, and PAP Algebra 2. 

Last year, along with the Algebra teacher Brittney Judkins, I've started a STEM club for 7th and 8th graders called R.A.C.E. The overall idea is that students create and build their own race cars and compete against other schools with it. The club also explores community service, energy conservation, graphic design, business planning, and much more. 
This year I'm teaching Statistics, PAP Precalculus, and Advanced Quantitative Reasoning.