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Welcome to Robert G. Cole

Welcome to a new and exciting year at Cole High School. In the first semester of Biology, we will begin our exploration with review of scientific method and experimentation. From there we will cruise through Ecology and the ecosystem.

After Ecology we will discuss the microscopic particles that make up the chemistry of life, and journey from those particles to cells and their processes.  These processes are as simple as movement to complex energy making and breaking that occur in Photosynthesis and Cellular respiration.


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College and Career Fair

Friday October 7th:
We will be hosting a college and career fair during the half day.  Many interesting career representatives have been slated for our rotations.  Also, college advisers from across the state will be present as well.

Darwinism Current Event

Find an article not older than 2010 in which principles of Darwinism have been used in the study.  It can be :
1. examples that provide further evidence to his beliefs or
2. can be about summarizing, consulting, or modifying his principles