Robert G. Cole High School

The TSI Test

As a step for entry to the Dual Credit program, students must qualify by exam. If a student does not qualify by SAT or ACT, they must take the TSI Assessment and receive certain scores to enter the program. Each year the TSI will be hosted on the Cole campus. To register for the 2018-2019, students requiring TSI scores may take them in the fall or early spring, receive needed interventions and retest in mid-spring. The first TSI assessment administration took place in November 2017.
Please see the below for details on test registration and preparation.
Before being released by the college to take the TSI, each student is required to complete a pre-assessment activity, which explains the assessment and provides practice in the skills on the test. For additional preparation, we recommend students complete practice tests and research the test's expectations. A few resources are linked below. 
College Board TSI Sample Questions
College Board TSI Sample Essays 
If a student does not meet the criterion for dual credit admittance during the Cole testing opportunities, he or she may retest at St. Philip's College. The student will need to make an appointment with the college directly and pay any associated test fees to the college. Here is a link to the St. Philip's College Testing Center for that purpose.